Price Rp.248.000 contents of 60 capsules

Sleep Care CapsuleBenefits:

  • adjust and improve the quality of sleep
  • improve thinking ability and memory
  • providing the necessary substances nervous system
  • enhance the growth of nerve cells
  • improve blood circulation nerve repair
  • limiting cell activity pallium
  • restores normal conduction brain neurotransmitters

User groups:

  • insomniacs
  • Alzheimer’s sufferers
  • system disorders and nerve function

Price Rp.247.000 contents of 60 capsules

Slimming capsule

  • Rich, fat removal, is able to eliminate excess fat in the body.
  • add the ability to work intestine, colon cleansing, toskin and garbage.
  • remove fat in the absorption usu and regulate various body organs.
  • weight control, discard excess fat, maintain a beautiful body shape.
  • maintaining ideal body proportions.
  • rid of excess fat in the abdomen, waist and sleeves

User groups:

  • men and women who want to lose weight
  • who want to control weight
  • who have excess fat in the abdomen, hips, thighs, and arms
Price Rp.253.000 content of 200 teblet

Spirulina plus tablet
  • the best nutritional supplements for people who are too thin weak and anemic
  • prevent acute or chronic liver disease and cirrhosis
  • protect the digestive tract
  • prevent gastritis, ulcers, heart disease, diabetes and cancer
  • boost immunity
  • reducing fatigue and the effects of aging

User groups:

  • who want to gain weight
  • patients with gastric diseases, heart disease, diabetes, anemia, and cancer
  • who has a weak immune system, insomnia, fatigue, and dispirited
  • who are recovering from illness and restore appetite

Price Rp.494.500 content of 15 x 20g


  • activate the immune system
  • increase endurance
  • repair damaged body cells and prolong the life of cells in the body
  • keeping the normal performance of cells and metabolism
  • improves blood circulation
  • clean up toxins in the body
  • protect eyes
  • as an anti-cancer

User groups:

  • who want to maintain good health and avoid illness
  • cancer patients
  • active smokers and alcoholics
  • who have impaired sight, and want to take care of the eyes
  • who wants to care for the skin and make the skin smoother and healthier

Price Rp.378.000 contents of 60 capsules

Triflex capsule
  • meet the needs of calcium supplements
  • improve bone growth
  • repairing cartilage injury
  • helping the injured bone healing
  • preventing mucosal tissue injury caused by oxygen radicals propelen
  • help restore tissue and wound healing is more appropriate
  • reduce pain and swelling in the symptoms of Osteoarthritis
  • improve the function of joint movement

User groups:

  • people with arthritis or pain in the joints
  • gout sufferers
  • patients with fractures, bone fracture, osteoporosis, and other bone injuries

VIG POWER CAPSULE Price Rp.230.000 content of 6 capsules

Vig power capsuleBenefits:

  • help sperm production
  • overcome Premature Ejaculation Naturally
  • improving sexual ability
  • add and improve fertility semen (sperm) is thick and quality
  • care for kidney
  • increase oxygen levels in the blood in the penis
  • accelerate blood circulation penis
  • regulates body temperature to support the development of sexual functions were normal
  • effective for people who have a decreased sexual kamampuan, listlessness and impotence
  • increase energy, vitality and libido in men that makes the relationship more passionate couples, increase tension, strong and hard erection
  • get an orgasm favor and in
  • increase the frequency of sexual intercourse
  • increase the number and movement of sperm as an alternative therapy to fight infertility (infertility) in men
  • increase stamina
  • quickly restore the body after sexual activity
  • Erectile still PERKASA despite exit / ejaculation
  • improve erectile function
  • overcoming erectile dysfunction (ED)
  • alleviate the problem of impotence in men
  • increase libido male couples make the relationship more “Passionate”!
  • augment blood circulation to his vital organs, relieve Premature Ejaculation (ED)
  • give extra power as well as maintaining the balance of sex hormones

User groups:

  • men who want to improve strength and vitality in intercourse
  • impotence, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and other sexual disorders
  • that poor sperm quality

Price Rp.1.200.000 contents of 10 bottles

blueberry concentrateBenefits:

  • powerful natural antioxidants to keep cell damage
  • detoxification of toxins and unnecessary chemicals in the body
  • maintain eye health
  • natural nutrition for skin beauty
  • smoothes and brightens dull skin
  • black blemishes and dark spots on the face
  • remove wrinkles on the face due to aging
  • eliminate acne and acne scars
  • accelerate intestinal contractions and clean the intestines

User groups:

  • who wants to take care of health and beauty facial and body skin
  • patient eye minus, plus, and the cylinder
  • digestive disorder sufferers

Price Rp.241.500 content of 30 x 6g

blueberry juiceBenefits:

  • role in the process of formation of antibodies
  • boost immunity
  • improve the vitality of leukocytes and phagocytic cells
  • reduce fatigue and stress
  • reduce the negative impact of UV rays to damage the eye lens
  • prevent cataracts
  • reduce blemishes and prevent cancer
  • protect the liver
  • prevent scurvy
  • helps wound healing
  • launched the process of collagen formation
  • make your skin smooth and radiant
  • is a product of skin care is very good

User groups:

  • who wants to care for skin health and beauty
  • people with skin diseases such as scabies, ringworm, herpes, etc.
  • cancer patients
  • cataract patients
Price Rp.368.000 contents of 30 capsules
Brain capsule care
  • restore the flexibility of blood vessels
  • nourish and soften blood vessels thus preventing arteriosclerosis
  • helps reduce thrombus and restore the smoothness of cerebral vascular
  • enable new blood vessel cells to replace cells that have been damaged tissues, restore brain function

User groups:

  • patients with cerebral thrombosis and cerebral arteriosclerosis
  • stroke patients
  • frequent headaches and dizziness
  • paralyzed limbs
Price Rp.425.500 contents 60
Breast care capsule
  • dredge channels in the breast cells
  • prevent the onset of breast cancer cells
  • prevent tumor recurrence after breast cancer surgery
  • enhance the human immune, increase healthy breast growth, make the skin smooth, beautiful and delay aging

User groups:

  • patients with breast lumps or tumors and breast cancer
  • who wants to care for breast health
  • who wants to take care of the health and beauty of facial skin
CALCIUM softgel Price Rp.241.500 contents 100
calcium Softgel
  • helps neutralize stomach acid.
  • helps bone formation, and prevent the formation of kidney stones.
  • preventing nerve twitch legs and arms.
  • maintain the performance of the nerves, muscles, heart, give tangible effects in blood clotting and blood pressure control.

User groups:

  • ulcer patients
  • who suffered a broken bone or cartilage injury
  • patients with kidney stones
  • nervous patients kejepit
  • hypertensive patients

JIAN XIN CAPSULE Price Rp.368.000 contents of 60 capsules

jian xin capsuleBenefits:

  • preventing symptoms of dizziness and memory decline caused by high levels of blood proteins and circulation in the brain is not smooth
  • expand coronary arteries
  • increase blood flow
  • reducing myocardial oxygen and blood shortage
  • reduce blood viscosity and blood plasma
  • preventing thrombosis
  • prevent myocardial damage
  • treat coronary heart disease and angina
  • reduce high blood pressure
  • high cholesterol levels in the blood

User groups:

  • cardiac
  • people with high blood
  • patients with high cholesterol

Chitosan CAPSULE
Price Rp.264.500 contents of 60 capsules
chitosan Capsule


  • fight and prevent cancer
  • divert tumor cells
  • boost immunity
  • protects the liver and detoxifying
  • improve the condition of insomnia
  • CHAPTER launched
  • absorb heavy metal ions
  • cure diabetes, kidney, hypertension and obesity
  • preventing cancerous cell changes
  • help chemoradiotherapy in treating tumors

User groups:

  • cancer and tumors
  • patients with hepatitis or liver
  • who often suffer from insomnia
  • diabetes, kidney disease, and high blood pressure

Price Rp.368.000 content of 24 x 300gr

coumpound marrow marrow powdercoumpound powderBenefits:

  • boost immunity
  • fight fatigue
  • meperbaiki quality of sleep
  • Stabilize blood pressure
  • improve the ability of blood by the body’s production
  • delay aging
  • add calcium
  • meperbaiki osteoporosis
  • prevents aging of nerve
  • Children and adolescents spur growth
  • nourish the bone
  • helps blood circulation
  • nourish the brain
  • for fertility

User groups:

  • osteoporosis and joint pain
  • people with high blood
  • who want to maximize the growth of the body
  • who have problems with fertility or infertility problems
  • sentenced barren

Cordyceps CAPSULE
Price Rp.310.500 contents of 60 capsulesCordycep plus capsule


  • help relieve cough and asthma and ekspetoran
  • keeping the lungs and kidneys
  • help lower serum cholesterol, triglycerides, and hypertension
  • preventing tumors, lung cancer, and gastric cancer.
  • preventing a decrease in white blood cells from chemotherapy and radiation therapy
  • enhance the patient’s immune

User groups:

  • patients with lung and kidney disease
  • people with high cholesterol, high triglycerides, and high blood pressure
  • cancer and tumors
  • patients with cysts and myoma

Price Rp.270.000 content of 100 x 1000mg
Deep sea fish oil

  • reducing grouping of platelets and thrombosis formation
  • help lower triglycerides
  • menurunakn high cholesterol in the blood
  • improves blood circulation
  • reduce high blood pressure
  • helps reduce the incidence of arteriosclerosis
  • prevent and treat diabetes

User groups:

  • people with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and high triglycerides
  • diabetics

DIASIS CARE CAPSULE Price Rp.253.000 contents of 60 capsules

Diasis care capsule

  • alleviate complications caused by hypertension.
  • outside diameter blood vessels dilate
  • the pressure drop takes place stable and prolonged
  • improve the conditions of hypertension and arteriosclerosis quickly
  • prevent cardiovascular disease, brain, and kidney caused by hypertension
  • effective to regulate blood rheology
  • pharmacological trials showed that after consuming this supplement contains the active substance began to get into the blood circulation, dilate blood vessels, and gradually eliminate the small arterial spasm contraction
  • lowers blood fats

User groups:

  • people with high blood pressure
  • people with heart and kidney disease

Price Rp.207.000 contents 20

energy teaBenefits:

  • can be used as an anti-oxidant and anti-fatigue
  • increase endurance
  • colon cleansing, body remove toxins and maintain cleanliness in the body
  • maintain the balance of blood sugar and blood fat in the body
  • increase stamina

User groups:

  • who wanted to keep the immune system in order not to get sick
  • who want to maintain a healthy digestive tract
  • diabetics
Eyecare softgel
Price Rp.442.000 content of 100 x 800mgEye care softgel
  • improve circulation in the eye
  • maintain the health of capillaries
  • reduce fatigue, pain and dry eyes
  • protects the lens of the eye
  • preventing impairment of vision
  • preventing and treating glaucoma
  • prevent and treat cataracts and presbyopia
  • prevent dry eyes, red eyes, itchy eyes, and farsightedness

User groups:

  • patients with cataract and glaucoma
  • patient eye minus, plus, and the cylinder
  • who often suffer from eye irritation and itching
  • who wants to take care of eye health

Ganoderma COFFEE
Price Rp.165.000 contents 12

ganoderma coffe


  • maintain stamina
  • reduce fatigue
  • maintain heart function
  • boost immunity

User groups:

  • who want to maintain endurance and body health
  • who want to maintain and care for the function and heart health

Price Rp.396.000 contents of 60 capsules

Ganoderma plus capsule
  • help prevent and treat cancer and premature aging
  • help improve the condition of neurasthenia, chronic bronchitis, asthma, and allergies
  • fix the imbalance of nerve cells
  • improve hypoxia tolerance
  • boost immunity
  • restore power after surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy
  • reduce symptoms of nausea, pain, decreased white blood cells, and hair loss

User groups:

  • cancer patients
  • lung disease patients
  • who are recovering from illness or after surgery
  • who experience hair loss
Price Rp.161.000 contains 30 tablets
Gastric health tablet
  • improve the ability of poor intestinal smooth muscle becomes normal
  • stimulate contractions of the intestine that is useful for digestive function.
  • help improve the smooth muscle cramps
  • improve digestive function of the small intestine.
  • increases the secretion of gastric juices, increases the activity of gastric pepsin.
  • increase gastric fluid, bile secretion and gastric enzyme function
  • strengthen the stomach and promote digestion
  • strengthen the spleen and stomach function

User groups:

  • patients with gastric diseases
  • who wants to care for and maintain the health of the stomach

Ginkgo Biloba PLUS CAPSULE
Price Rp.264.500 contents of 60 capsules
Ginkgo biloba plus capsule


  • help clean up free radicals
  • improve memory
  • delaying the aging process
  • prevent Alzheimer’s.
  • reducing blood fat
  • helps improve blood flow turnover
  • improving the performance of the heart muscle and brain cells

User groups:

  • Alzheimer’s sufferers
  • who want to delay aging
  • maintain and improve the function of the heart and brain

Price Rp.178.000 contents of 30 capsules


  • improve pancreas DNA and protein synthesis
  • restore the function of the pancreas.
  • biological nutrient β cells in the pancreas for normal insulin secretion
  • creating a combination of normal insulin and receptors
  • stimulate glucose enter the body’s cells
  • increase the utilization of glucose in peripheral tissues, phosphorylation of glucose and glucose oxidation
  • sentesis increasing glycogen, blood sugar and shortening the circuit paths thus lowering blood sugar
  • help you lose weight obese adult diabetics
  • prevent the symptoms of heart disease
  • regulate vital body organs
  • reduce the clinical symptoms caused by diabetes

User groups:

  • diabetics
  • cardiac

Price Rp.316.000 contents of 60 capsules

Hair skin shinning nail capsule
  • make the skin more healthy, elastic, and shiny
  • maintain healthy skin
  • preventing and treating skin dull and dry
  • strengthens hair roots so as not to fall out
  • make hair shiny
  • nourish and maximize hair growth
  • increase the strength of the fingernails and toenails more lustrous

User groups:

  • who wants to care for skin health and beauty
  • who wants to care for the health and fertility of hair
  • who wants to take care of health and beauty nails
Price Rp.362.000 contents of 60 capsules
  • protects and stabilizes liver cells
  • improve liver function
  • increase the secretion of bile
  • reduce inflammation
  • prevent and remove alcohol, toxic chemicals, heavy metals, and drugs
  • against food poisoning and environmental pollution
  • treating acute hepatitis, chronic hepatitis, and cirrhosis
  • accelerate the regeneration and restoration of liver cells
  • protect and stabilize liver cell membranes
  • protect the liver, improve, and improve heart function

User groups:

  • liver disease or hepatitis
  • who want to keep and care for the health of the liver

Price Rp.86.000 contents 16

Intestine cleansing tea


  • can kill bacteria and viruses
  • enhance immunity blood plasma
  • activate spleen
  • help clear the lung spots
  • eliminate phlegm
  • boost immunity.
  • protect the mucous membrane
  • protect the respiratory tract
  • improving blood circulation
  • relieve asthma
  • strengthen lung function
  • increase the flexibility of the arteries and the effectiveness of the lungs
  • expedite the exchange of oxygen in the blood
  • eases breathing

User groups:

  • people with asthma and shortness of breath
  • lung disease patients
  • disease caused by bacteria or a virus (herpes, eczema, skin infections, etc.)

Price Rp.327.000 content of 100 capsules

Kidney care capsule for man
  • repair and improve kidney function
  • improve the ability of kidneys to filter toxins
  • clean the harmful substances from the kidney, including toxic
  • create a good environment for the kidneys and balance organs in

User groups:

  • patients with renal failure, kidney stones, renal leak, and impaired renal function
  • who often experience back pain
  • who want to maintain kidney health and organ function
Price Rp.327.000 content of 100 capsules
Kidney capsule care for women
  • improve the performance of the kidney
  • increase the immune
  • hormones disposal work normally so that performance improved renal
  • launch period
  • improve the function of sexuality
  • effective for women in menopause and the menopause
  • treat pain and weakness due to lack of energy

User groups:

  • patients with renal failure, kidney stones, renal leak, and impaired renal function
  • who often experience back pain
  • who want to maintain kidney health and organ function
  • the circulation of substandard or frequent menstrual pain during menstruation
  • woman sexuality function decreases or less good
  • woman approaching or in menopause
Price Rp.224.000 contents of 60 capsules
Koloklin capsule
  • prevent and help improve the symptoms of inflammation in the intestine
  • repairing damaged intestinal membrane
  • accelerate the contraction of the intestinal wall
  • dirt and sediment in the colon
  • help discharge toxins from the body
  • memperlicin intestines and facilitate the disposal
  • vitamins and vegetable protein it contains can meet the body’s nutritional

User groups:

  • the BAB noncurrent
  • patients with infectious and inflammatory bowel disease
  • patients with appendicitis
  • hernia patients
  • who wants to facilitate the digestive system
LECITHIN softgel
Price Rp.235.000 content of 100 capsules
lecithin softgel
  • helps reduce astriction, anxiety and herpes from astriction
  • prevent senility, improve and enhance brain function
  • prevent fatty liver and gallstones
  • enhance the development of intelligence and memory
  • as a cleaner blood vessels
  • prevent arteriosclerosis
  • can be used as a recipe for psychological problems such as feeling depressed, irritability, and insomnia
  • can protect the kidneys and prevent diabetes
  • can make the skin smooth and soft
  • help eliminate acne and acne scars
  • required for embryonic neural growth and infant

User groups:

  • Alzheimer’s sufferers
  • liver disease and gallstones
  • who can not or difficulty regulating emotional
  • insomniacs
  • who has facial acne and acne scars
  • who wants to take care of the health and beauty of facial skin
LIPID lowering TEA
Price Rp.124.000 content of 40 x 2g
Lipid lowering teaBenefits:
  • launched the turn of fat in the body
  • improve the balance of amino acids, vitamins and minerals in the body
  • convert fat into energy
  • improve fitness, stamina and as nutrients for youthful

User groups:

  • who want to maintain the health and taha body so as not to get sick

Lycopene softgel
Price Rp.612.000 contents 60
lycopene softgel


  • prevent and improve prostate hyperplasia and prostatitis
  • treat urinary tract infections / diabetes
  • treat other urinary diseases
  • help improve sperm quality and reduce the risk of infertility
  • counteract free radicals

User groups:

  • prostate disease patients
  • patients with urinary tract infection / urinary
  • the verdict barren
  • which decreased sperm quality or poor
Price Rp.322.000 contents of 60 capsules
OPC plus tablet
  • as an antioxidant, eliminating free radicals
  • prevent health sub syndrome
  • regulate skin elasticity woman
  • caring da maintain healthy skin
  • make sleeping more comfortable
  • preventing and treating allergies
  • Eye health care
  • prevent heart disease

Pemkai groups:

  • who wanted to keep the immune system that is not susceptible to disease
  • who wants to take care of health and skin kecantikna
  • allergy sufferers
  • who want to maintain and care for eye health
  • who want to maintain and care for heart health

Price Rp.290.000 contents of 90 capsules

nutrition ovary capsuleBenefits:

  • prevent the failure of ovarian function
  • reduce bone loss and prevent osteoporosis
  • increase the vitality of the brain
  • improve memory
  • strengthen the brain and intelligence
  • prevent dementia, and retard aging
  • make the skin shiny, elastic, have a nice color and add beauty

User groups:

  • who want to keep and care for the health of the ovaries or uterus
  • patients with bone loss and joint pain
  • who want to improve intelligence and memory decline
  • Alzheimer’s sufferers
  • which aspires to maintain skin health and beauty
Price Rp.64.000 content of 16 x 4g
Pro slim tea
  • help neutralize fat
  • inhibit fat absorption
  • stimulate metabolism and accelerate the burning of fat

User groups:

  • who wants to diet to burn fat in the body
  • who want to maintain a slim body proportions and ideal
Price Rp.288.000 contents of 60 capsules
Propolis plus capsule
  • help prevent cancer
  • kill a variety of viruses / bacteria
  • does not cause drug resistance and does not damage the probiotics.
  • boost immunity and cleanse free radicals
  • reduce lipid peroxides
  • relieve inflammation and prevent flu

User groups:

  • cancer patients
  • disease caused by bacteria or viruses, such as tonsillitis, laryngitis, bronchitis, tuberculosis, eczema, herpes, etc.
  • who wanted to keep the immune system that is not susceptible to disease

Price Rp.116.000 contains 30 tablets
Se tablet for adult

Price Rp.145.000 contains 30 tablets

Se tablet for childBenefits:
  • Selenium is an element of the body that acts as an anti-cancer
  • containing Se Se proteins and enzymes that function as anti-oxidants
  • maintain the regulation of thyroid hormone to maintain immune function
  • prevent a variety of diseases associated with deficiencies Se
  • helps prevent tumors
  • helps prevent AIDS
  • maintain normal reproductive function

User groups:

  • cancer and tumors
  • AIDS sufferers
  • who wants to care for and maintain the health of the reproductive organs
  • pendrita diseases associated with a deficiency of Se