Price Rp.1.200.000 contents of 10 bottles

blueberry concentrateBenefits:

  • powerful natural antioxidants to keep cell damage
  • detoxification of toxins and unnecessary chemicals in the body
  • natural nutrition for skin beauty
  • smoothes and brightens dull skin
  • black blemishes and dark spots on the face
  • remove wrinkles on the face due to aging
  • eliminate acne and acne scars

Blueberry Concentrate is an excellent product of the Green World who can help you instantly to obtain facial and body skin healthy, smooth, white, and luminous. Function blueberry concentrate is rapidly regenerate cells so that the skin rejuvenation process will look very fast and instant. In addition blueberry concentrate is also quickly able to eliminate wrinkles, blemishes or dark spots on the face and make the skin more elastic and firm. All things needed someone to care for skin and body the nutrients contained in blueberry concentrate made from fresh blueberry fruit without chemicals mixture so it is safe for consumption and usefulness always maintained because it is processed using modern technology and is based on research and testing.

Price Rp.241.500 content of 30 x 6g

blueberry juiceBenefits:

  • improve the vitality of leukocytes and phagocytic cells
  • reduce fatigue and stress
  • reduce the negative impact of UV rays
  • prevent scurvy
  • helps healing of wounds and scars
  • launched the process of collagen formation
  • make your skin smooth and radiant
  • is a product of skin care is very good

Blueberry Juice is the second choice after blueberry concentrate for those of you who want to get the body and facial skin healthy and glowing. Blueberry Juice attracted many people because it is a way of skin care is very easy and efficient. With a lightweight packaging, blueberry juice can be taken anywhere and consumed anytime, especially blueberry juice has a delicious taste and can reduce fatigue and stress amid your activities.

Price Rp.425.500 contents 60
Breast care capsule
  • dredge channels in the breast cells
  • prevent the onset of breast cancer cells
  • prevent tumor recurrence after breast cancer surgery
  • enhance the human immune
  • increase healthy breast growth
  • nourish the breast to look more beautiful and healthy
  • make skin smooth and elastic
  • remove wrinkles on the face
  • remove the black stain on the face
  • delay aging

Breast Care Capsule is suitable for those who want to maintain the beauty and health of the breast.Breast Care is usually used by someone who wanted her breasts look healthy and toned. Moreover, this product has many other functions that prevent and treat breast cancer or tumors and can make the skin seem to be more smooth, white, and healthy.

Price Rp.316.000 contents of 60 capsules

Hair skin shinning nail capsule
  • make the skin more healthy, elastic, and shiny
  • maintain healthy skin
  • preventing and treating skin dull and dry
  • strengthens hair roots so as not to fall out
  • make hair shiny
  • nourish and maximize hair growth
  • increase the strength of the fingernails and toenails more lustrous

Hair Skin Nail Capsule answered the desire of every woman who wants to carry out instant treatment for hair, skin, and nails. You do not need to go to a salon that could take a lot for hair care, skin, and nails.Enough with the consumption of hair skin and nail benefits of the nutrients you need is already met.

Price Rp.290.000 contents of 90 capsules

nutrition ovary capsuleBenefits:

  • prevent the failure of ovarian function
  • increase the vitality of the brain
  • improve memory
  • strengthen the brain and intelligence
  • prevent dementia, and retard aging
  • make the skin shiny, elastic, have a nice color and add beauty

Nutrition Capsule ovary functions to maintain the health of the ovaries, the female organs, and make the skin more beautiful and healthy. Nutrition ovary capsule suitable for those who want to maintain the health of female organs and want to get the body and facial skin healthy and beautiful.

Some of the above products can be your choice, depending on the need for products of Green World not only provides one function, but many of the benefits you can get only by consuming one product only.